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It’s still a little hard to believe that the all-new Dragon Ball Super anime is real. It’s not that hits of yesteryear never get new content, as we’ve seen both Sailor Moon and Ghost in the Shell make recent comebacks. Usually, though, big-name sequels or reboots are unveiled well in advance, with a gradual rollout of tantalizing informational tidbits to help slowly build up excitement. Sailor Moon Crystal, for example, kept fans waiting for roughly two years between its initial announcement and first episode.

That’s why it’s sort of shocking that Dragon Ball Super was only revealed at the tail-end of April, but is on schedule to begin airing in July. The latest animated installment of the Dragon Ball saga really does exist, though, and to prove it, here are the first clips from the show.

With just a few weeks to go before the start of Dragon Ball Super, commercials have begun for the new series, and producer Toei Animation has posted the first ad on its official YouTube channel. Even with less than 15 seconds to work with, it hits all the beats we’ve come to expect from the perennially popular pugilism program.

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Opening with its lead character announcing, “Hey, it’s me, Goku!” the ad quickly cuts to the hero going Super Saiyan, then offers brief glimpses of bare-knuckled combat, zany physical comedy, hand-fired energy blasts, and tough-looking aliens.

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“After 18 years, we’re starting a new series!” Goku’s voice-over continues. “Dragon Ball Super premiers in July, so check out all of our new battles!” Unfortunately, Goku doesn’t tell us who the opponents will be in said battles, but from looking at the ad’s visuals we can see that occasional arch enemies Beerus and Majin Buu are still hanging around.

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As for more detailed plot points, though, it looks like we’re all going to have to wait for Dragon Ball Super’s debut at 9 a.m. on Sunday, July 5 on Fuji TV.

There is one thing we’re pretty sure of, though.

▼ 18 years later, Piccolo still hasn’t learned how to smile.

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Source: Dragon Ball Super official website, h/t Kotaku USA
Images: YouTube/Toei Animation Official YouTube Channel