Miffy, the adorable fluffy white rabbit from Holland, has several reasons to be angry. Not only has she been to court to kill off Cathy, the doppelgänger bunny character created by Sanrio, she also has to put up with people confusing her for Hello Kitty, and then to top it all off, her creator, Dick Bruna, announced his retirement last year. Sometimes, it’s all too much for a bunny to bear.

So it’s not hard to imagine that Miffy would one day be out for blood, especially if she were to become a flesh-eating zombie. And when you multiply one zombified Miffy with an army of hundreds, things become genuinely terrifying. Take a look at the bunny apocalypse that’s threatening to take down the citizens of Hong Kong and cheer for the group that fights them after the break.

The fake movie trailer, created by Gun N Cult, has quickly gathered fans since appearing on YouTube last week. The story starts innocently enough, with reports of strange murders growing in numbers around the city. Then, when a cute-looking Miffy is found in an alleyway, it suddenly bares a full set of razor-sharp teeth and proceeds to tear a man’s arm off, dousing blood all over the street.



The taste of blood drives Miffy into a feeding frenzy, and suddenly the city is overtaken with scores of tiny bunnies marching on their fluffy little feet as they go in search of human flesh.



Thankfully, there’s a group of fearless Miffy busters protecting the town, fighting from a rooftop because, as anyone who’s seen a zombie film knows, that’s the place to go when the place is overrun with zombies.




▼ The young group use grenades as part of their arsenal but that only buys some time to regroup and reload as the rabbits fly through the air.



▼ So what if that’s a helicopter exploding? Cool guys don’t look at explosions and cool bunnies don’t either.


At the end of the trailer, everything is left up in the air. Do our fearless fighters sacrifice themselves to save the city? Or do Miffy zombies continue to eat their way through Asia? Let’s hope they release a new trailer so we can find out!


Source: Kotaku US
Images: Gun N Cult