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In a scene reminiscent of  something out of the X-Files, there was a report earlier this year of an undisclosed place in Japan where strange loud noises were heard from the sky. Video footage was captured of what appears to be a rainy night where mysterious noises are audible there’s even an unidentified object in the sky.

Personally, I’m not a believer of UFOs, but this video footage certainly has my skin crawling and my mind wondering. We can’t quite figure out whether it’s a sound of nature (some kind of natural phenomenon or a beast in hiding) or a man-made noise.

You be the judge after the jump.

We can’t verify the authenticity of this video but it was uploaded on YouTube earlier this year and was originally reported on a French website.  We are not even sure where in Japan this footage was taken, although it looks like it was taken in the car park of an apartment block. Some have speculated that the footage wasn’t even taken in Japan. Whether the footage has been edited or  altered to give its mysterious impression is a mystery in itself.

Take a listen for yourself.

What the hell is that mysterious loud noise? It definitely has us baffled.

Some have speculated that it could be the sound of jet streams, or given that Japan has had quite a few earthquakes recently, it may be the sound of the earth’s interior. Or could it be the sound of some wildebeest or  Godzilla coming out of hibernation?

Did you also happen to spot the mysterious unidentified object floating in the sky as well?

AF 3

It appears very briefly at seven seconds in, 45 seconds in, and again from 1:45.

Are we witnessing some natural sound phenomenon or a man-made noise? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that it’s all very bizarre.

Source: Karapaia
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