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Tokyo Disneyland has always been an incredibly popular date spot in Japan, particularly among the younger crowd. It’s not hard to see why, since even if you’re not especially into roller coasters or the cast of Disney’s decades’ worth of animation, the park’s beautiful architecture and landscaping makes for a uniquely atmospheric backdrop as you and your sweetheart spend the day together.

But in real life, not every romance has the happy ending of a Disney movie. The sad truth is that while thousands of couples get swept up in the emotion of a visit to the park, clasp hands, and promise they’ll be together forever, in the end, many of those hands’ owners will end up going their separate ways.

This photograph, though, is one of the few where we can confidently say that the relationship really and truly is permanent.

We’re not sure exactly how Japanese Twitter user Kawamura spent his day at Tokyo Disneyland. He could have scoped out the proposed site of the upcoming Junior Woodchuck area. Perhaps he watched one of the parades to see if some beloved animated characters would start fondling each other. Or maybe he just enjoyed being outdoors without having to worry about mosquito bites.

At some point, though, he stopped in front of Cinderella’s Castle, the park’s most iconic landmark, to snap and tweet this picture, with the caption “Together forever.”

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Sure, it’s a little sappy, but you can’t really blame the guy for indulging in a little bit of stereotypical puppy love, can you? After all, his girlfriend went all out and painted her nails for their special date!

Hmm…speaking of those nails, don’t the wrist and forearm they’re connected to look especially veiny for a girl?

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It turns out there’s a reason for that, and it’s not because Kawamura’s one true love has been hitting the weights.


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There’s no way to tell whether or not Kawamura actually has a girlfriend, but even if he does, she doesn’t appear in the romantic photo he tweeted, because both of those hands are his.

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So, cynical as it might be, we really can’t call Kawamura a liar for claiming the hands seen holding each other will be together forever, barring some sort of industrial accident/lightsaber duel that ends with one of them being severed. Still, if he ever finds himself craving romantic companionship with a separate human being, we think we might know a good match for him, considering their shared love of trick photography and self-reliant natures.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Images: Twitter (edited by RocketNews24)