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Cosplay allows you to emulate your favorite heroes and heroines, but also lets you put a little bit of yourself back into the character. When we last caught up with Odera Igbokwe, he was infusing his favorite Sailor Moon characters with a part of his culture through his fan art. This time around, he’s ready to take it another step further and really embody his favorite Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars.

Odera might be a guy, but by doing Sailor Moon cosplay he can feel love, justice and feminine power. He first began cosplaying back in the summer of 2013 when a friend surprised him with a costume of Sailor Mars.

He loves to share his passion for Sailor Moon all over social media and people are taking notice. He has been featured on blogs and social networking sites like Tumblr. Odera also credits the social media attention for helping him to meet his current romantic partner.

Sailor Moon has played such an important part in Odera’s life that he says, “I used to joke that my image of god was a Sailor Moon transformation sequence on an eternal loop,” so it’s no surprise that he’s decided to emulate one of the Senshi. Being a passionate dancer certainly gives his hand motions the extra flare of a true celestial guardian.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the African Sailor Moon illustration series, you can check them out on his webpage and Tumblr. Be sure to take a peek at his other art as well, as it has a lot of influences from Japanese culture and people, but with Odera’s own unique flare.

Source: Instagram via Gree
Images: Instagram