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James Dyson is kind of the mad scientist/rockstar celebrity of the admittedly probably not very exciting world of vacuum cleaner and fan design. The Dyson company’s innovations have more or less revolutionized the world of electronic devices that primarily, uh… suck and blow.

But it looks like Dyson’s genius designs are so innovative that with the right amount of boredom and free time, just being in the mere presence of Dyson products can apparently inspire creative epiphany, as this infinitely looping Dyson fan layout – spotted at a Japanese electronics store – seems to prove.

Apparently very bored workers at a Yodobashi Camera in Sapporo took advantage of the fact that they were standing in one of the only places outside of a Dyson factory to have dozens of units of the Dyson Cool bladeless fan just sitting around (why anyone would want a fan in notoriously freezing Hokkaido is beyond us, but…) and decided to have a little fun by lining up a little over a dozen of the fans to form a circle.

The employees then took some balloons and fed them into the circular fan formation and, kind of amazingly, the fans pushed the balloons endlessly along the tunnel formed by the bladeless openings like an adorable Playskool Hadron Collider.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit we have no idea how or why Dyson’s bladeless fans work. Our best guess is that ol’ James Dyson made a pact with the Devil in exchange for the ability to control air itself. Suffice to say, you obviously couldn’t do this with any other type of fan or really any other type of electronic device you might see stocked at Yodobashi Camera. It’s also unclear whether the Dyson fan “infinite loop” was the work of a single bored genius – the fan chosen one, if you will – or a whole team of bored fan salesmen, stuck with a head full of useful fan knowledge and no one to impart it to in frigid Sapporo.

But we do know that, being the impulse buyers we are, we’d probably take one look at this contraption and buy all 16 fans on the spot.

Source: Hamster Sokuhou
Top image: YouTube/Jun Tsukutani