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After learning last week that cats dictate our (and the CIA’s) actions, we as their human underlings must do everything we can to keep our feline masters as happy as possible. Since cats sleep for around 14 hours a day, there is nothing more important than maintaining the areas where they choose to rest their weary heads.

Is it soft and delicate fabricates that keep them purring? Or perhaps it’s something a little… spicier?

Cats have this fantastic (read: annoying) habit of doing exactly the opposite of what you want them to do. Call out their name and they’ll either ignore you or run the other way; spend a little bit extra for that special wet chow and they reject it with a mean look in their eye; buy them a cat bed for them to sleep in and they decide that stealing ¾ of the human bed is better for their slumber.

One Russian Blue in Japan has a perfectly peaceful look as they catch their Zs, and it’s not in a kitty bed or on human bed; it’s on a container that’s filled with kimchi!

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Perhaps that container is tightly sealed so no kimchi smell is wafting out, or maybe the kitty is actually attracted to the strong smells. Either way, that cat looks absolutely content about where it is resting its little head.

cat 1

cat 2

▼ “I know you are happy, but would you be so kind as to close your legs?”

cat 3

As the saying goes, it is always best to let sleeping “cats” lie, or something like that. That’s the way our Cat Lords want us to say it anyway. Share with us your stories of cats sleeping wherever and on whatever they like in the comments below!

Source/images: Twitter/@kokesukepapa