Tatts, booze, and Pikachu. It’s not always a combination that goes down well but in this case, it’s given birth to something very special.

Netizens around the world are going crazy for the artwork above, praising the artist for the creative design and commending her for helping a customer out with an embarrassing problem. Can you guess what secret is hidden within the image?

If you pointed to the sketch on Pikachu’s easel, you get 500 points because this is the clue behind the amazing tattoo and it’s also the place where everything started. It was initially drawn by a drunk tattoo artist who must’ve been going off a smudged newsprint image of Pokémon characters from the 1800s.

▼ Pikachu as seen through beer goggles


Thankfully, the owner of the crudely-drawn critter got in touch with Lindsay Baker from NiteOwl Tattoo in Northampton, Massachusetts. Rather than cover the offending image, Baker decided to incorporate it into a larger image that also feeds back into the original story behind the initial drawing.

▼ Alcohol leads to less than stellar art skills, m’kay?

OF 1

In the paws of a Pokémon, man’s crude ink becomes an adorable self-portrait. Well done, Pikachu – that’s one of the best before and after shots we’ve seen of you yet!

Source: Labaq.com
Images: Lindsaybugbaker