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If you’ve ever toured a factory or seen a video of one operating, you know there’s something entrancingly soothing about seeing sophisticated machinery in action. Taking a human-designed process and repeating it with such unswerving coordination can make it feel as natural and calming as sitting beside a lake while watching the waves lap the same spot on the shore over and over.

But it’s not just machines that can perform a routine with such precision as to impart a sense of reassuring inevitability, as shown by this video of taxi cab line protocol in Japan.

As uploaded to YouTube by PearlOscarful, the video shows a fleet of cabs waiting for fares at the taxi stand outside a train station somewhere in Japan. The rules seem to stipulate that four cabs can line up along the covered curbside waiting area, and the rest are to arrange themselves in a grid six cars wide on the far end of the lot.

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And while that’s not neither a long nor a complicated list of regulations, what’s impressive is how smoothly everyone complies with them.

The cabs in the front row peel off one at a time, from right to left, and taxis pick up passengers and pull away from the curbside area. To make sure no one cuts in line, though, the second row doesn’t pull forward until the first is completely empty.

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Meanwhile, new cabs are pulling in from the back, taking the rightmost available spot at the rear of the formation. And while many transport hubs in other countries have similar sets of rules, it’s still refreshing to see it all happening without any jostling for position, fender scraping, or animated extending of single digits.

Internet commenters had the following to say:

“Japan really is efficient and organized, isn’t it?”
“Organized and polite.”
“I could watch this forever.”
“Someone please make a 10-hour loop of this.”

Unfortunately, that 10-hour loop hasn’t been put together yet, but there’s nothing stopping you (or us) from hitting the video’s replay button a few more times.

Source: Livedoor/Kaigai no Omaera
Images: YouTube/PearlOscarful