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Listen guys, it’s only Wednesday and many of you may be having a rough week. Maybe your boss yelled at you for using the wrong PowerPoint template at your lame office job. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend made you sleep on the couch because you forgot your anniversary. Maybe you’re disappointed in yourself because you gave up your dreams of becoming the world’s greatest bassoonist to work a more lucrative but soul-sucking job as an insurance salesman and why didn’t you just stick with the bassoon you could have been somebody you coward why.

But don’t fret, down-on-your-luck readers. We’ve got the perfect thing to bring a smile to your face and get you through to the weekend: Presenting Ryunosuke, the house cat that loves to go motorcycle riding on his owner’s shoulders!

We don’t know a whole lot about our Ryunosuke – basically our favorite cat, although we’ll probably have a new favorite next week, if we’re being honest – other than the fact that he’s a remarkably complacent kitty that has a heartwarmingly close relationship with his older owner.

His owner even put together this adorable video of the pair’s daily life, wherein we see Ryunosuke hopping up on his owner’s shoulders to go for a grand motorcycle ride, then rewarding the old man for the exciting outong with a bit of expert kitty massage therapy. It was enough even to make this Grinch-like writer – who objectively dislikes cats and fun in general – sigh with contentment and make involuntarily cooing noises at his computer screen.

The video is made even more adorable by the wacky, obviously-put-together-by-an-old-man-on-what-appears-to-be-old-VHS-editing-spools-editing, which is peppered with various bizarre cuts and closeups set to a Japanese oldies tune, and capped off with an old-timey Looney Tunes-style iris wipe.

Anyway, it’s just totes adorbs. You’ll probably appreciate it more if you’re a cat lover, but it’s sure to warm the heart of even the most cynical could-have-been bassoonist, too.

Source: Curazy
Feature photo via YouTube capture