People really love sports, don’t they? If, like me, you grew up lacking the gene that makes watching a bunch of strangers whack balls around somehow fascinating, then it sometimes seems like a whole alien world. Still, I can appreciate that televised sports bring a lot of excitement to people’s lives. What I can’t understand, however, is when people get all excited about sports players’ wives and girlfriends.

Miles Mikolas, a baseballer from the U.S., joined the Yomiuri Giants for the 2015 baseball season and it seems that a lot of people in Japan are much more interested in his beautiful, blonde wife than in him. And this is a guy who apparently ate a lizard whole during a game.

The “Lizard King” (as he is known online) brought his 26-year old wife Lauren over to Japan with him when he signed up with Yomiuri Giants late last year. Since then, her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts have been getting a lot of attention from the Japanese public. Let’s have a look at some of the things she’s been posting.

Mrs. Mikolos has been sure to keep her fans updated with the ins and outs of her exciting new life in Japan. She also blogs about healthy food and beauty products on her personal blog Fearless Charm.

Here’s the happily married couple enjoying a public smooch at the Fuji Shibazakura Festival.

And here she is getting all excited about being featured in the papers.

Some in Japan have compared her looks to those of a Hollywood actress.

Being a dedicated wife of a pro athlete means getting cosy with the fans.

But luckily, all the fame hasn’t gone to her head, and she manages to stay modest and down-to-earth. In a flawless way.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to use all the attention she’s getting in Japan to start a career in the entertainment industry as a gaijin TV personality!

Do you tend to take notice of professional sports’ players’ arm candy?

Source: ModelPress
Main Image: Twitter @Fearless_Charm