Mmm, marshmellers (as I like to call ’em.) Those squidgy little puffs of delicious goo. Bad for your teeth, bad for your waistline, but oh-so-yummy, especially when toasted. The outside goes all crispy and the inside melts juuuuust a little bit. In fact, they’re the perfect treat for toasting around the campfire.

But in Japan, they prefer to toast their marshmallows in a slightly more “Japanese” way – by which we mean they toast them over a takoyaki grilling machine!

Takoyaki are yummy octopus balls. No, not those kind of balls – they’re actually dough balls with a filling of chopped-up octopus pieces, grilled on a special machine and served with a sweet and tangy sauce, loads of mayonnaise, some dried bonito flakes and some chopped-up seaweed or grilled scallions. They’re a speciality of Osaka, a popular summer festival snack, and the perfect thing to cook with friends during a party.

▼ Mmm, octopus balls. Tako-tastic.

But sometimes, even yummy octopus balls can get boring. What about jazzing up the recipe slightly? What if, instead of savoury octopus, we used… sweet, sweet marshmallows? It turns out that plenty of people have already hit upon the same idea!

The method seems to be pretty simple… pop marshmallows into the batter and cook as normal.

Or, alternatively, skip the dough altogether and just toast your marshmallows in each little receptacle of the takoyaki maker.

Why not cook up both some traditional savoury takoyaki along with some mallowyaki? Dinner and dessert all in one!

Just don’t do like this person did and mix it all up in the batter before frying… YUCK!

Oh, look, this person’s done the same… You’re looking at batter, shrimp, marshmallows, chocolate and ginger. You know, we’re really starting to wonder about Japanese people’s taste buds…

▼ Ain’t no party like a takoyaki party!

Why not give it a try yourself this summer?

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @Kimuraaaa1226