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If you’re one of the, I don’t know…two? three?… people who both read our humble site regularly and who are also really into Japanese Bubble Era love ballads – we’re talking mid-80s here – you might be familiar with a Taiwan-born singer named Fēifēi Ōuyáng. She appeared regularly on Japanese television back in the 80s to sing her outrageously popular-at-the-time hit, “Love is Over.”

Ōuyáng was apparently so popular that the song can still be heard occasionally on TV and as background music in shopping malls and stores. So popular, in fact, that one of our female writers on our Japanese sister site is a huge fan of the singer despite probably only having only just been born around the time Ōuyáng was reaching peak popularity. Imagine her delight, then, when she learned that Ōuyáng’s equally talented and gorgeous niece was becoming quite the topic of conversation on Japanese Internet circles.

Our enamored Japanese writer gushed over 15-year-old Nana Ōuyáng’s almost eerily perfect features, claiming there isn’t a single angle you can view the performer from that isn’t ridiculously gorgeous.

The adorable cellist has apparently been a thing in Taiwan since playing a role in the 2014 Asian film, Beijing Love Story, but is apparently getting a lot of attention on the Japanese Interwebs more recently for her haunting beauty (insert commentary about Japan’s sometimes creepy fascination with underage girls here).

The young actress and musician is actually a middle child and the trio of kids – including a 19-year-old and 10-year-old sister – regularly appear in Taiwanese media. Despite Nana’s growing fame, though, she has apparently told the Taiwanese media that she thinks of acting as a form of study, claiming she’s not opposed to going full-on show business as an adult, but doesn’t plan to give up the cello under any circumstances. This could mean Japanese audiences might one day be in for a once-in-a-lifetime Fēifēi/Nana team-up.

Our Japanese writer had a few other things to say about young Nana, but, to be perfectly honest, I have basically no context for any of it and our resident Bubble Era Japanese love ballad enthusiast on staff is on vacation right now, so I’ll just leave you with some pictures and video and get back to writing about my true passions: Shia LeBeouf’s burgeoning performance art career and my own nefarious feminazi agenda.

▼ I am dying to know what a “milk dad sheep bro” is, though.

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