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Twenty-one-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger is currently visiting Japan with his famous mother Maria Shriver, and has so far enjoyed a dip in a traditional hot spring, faced off with a sumo wrestler and eaten enormous amounts of sushi. So far, so fun.

But he’s also come in for some heavy criticism after uploading a video of himself pranking an unsuspecting visitor to a Kyoto temple.

In the short clip, captioned “making tourism fun”, Schwarzenegger giggles as he pranks an older woman standing in front of him in line at the temple. We see him lean forwards and tickle her with a twig, making her think she has something on her neck.

The woman appears irritated but unaware of the joke as she tries to swat away the insect from her neck, while Schwarzenegger and friends can be heard laughing as he repeats the trick.

While many would see this as a bit of harmless fun, many commenters condemned the prank. Typical responses to the video went along the lines of: “He should show some respect,” and “I hope you know her [because] otherwise that’s a douche move.”

▼ “Just a wittle prank during tourism time”, Schwarzenegger commented.

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▼ His unsuspecting target didn’t appear to be in on the joke, though.

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The famous family also visited Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Japan who is cousin to Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver. Patrick didn’t play any tricks on her though, as far as we know.

The 21-year-old prankster’s father Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous in Japan not only for his movie roles, but also for the dozens of cheesy TV commercials he has appeared in. During the ’80s and ’90s Shuwa-chan (as he’s known in Japan) lent his name and face to all kinds of products, from cup noodles to energy drinks, often guarded by “secrecy clauses” which prevented the sponsorship deals – and the corny ads that accompanied them – from being released or mentioned in the United States.

So let’s finish up by watching something altogether more entertaining than Patrick’s prank:

There, that’s better. We feel much calmer now.

Sources: Twitter, Instagram, via Yuruku yaru
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