Sumo Cuteness

Sumo wrestlers. They’re big, strong, and pretty intimidating. Even though they might be quick to smile and friendlier than your average bear, we definitely would not want to step in the ring with them.

But this little kid doesn’t know the meaning of intimidation! Which is fair, because he’s only four, but it turns out he’s also fearless, and takes on this mountain of a sumo wrestler with the enthusiasm of a hungry wolverine!

This video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube back in 2010, has somehow managed to rack up fewer than 160,000 views in five years. And that is simply unacceptable! Help us it get the views it deserves by watching below…and then watching again and again as you laugh your butt off!

In case you’re curious about the warm up the kid, a four-year-old named Shintaro, does to elicit cheers from the audience, it turns out he’s mimicking Seiken Takamisakari, his favorite sumo wrestler. And in case you’re wondering about the giant in the ring behind him, well that would be Seiken Takamisakari himself!

The next time you’re stuck facing a giant problem, just think of little Shintaro here and keep on fighting!

Sources: YouTube via Japaaan
Featured image: YouTube