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With the recent “surprise” announcement that Final Fantasy VII is being remade, fans are wondering if Square Enix will start taking more requests. The pleas from gamers for a FF VII remake began way back in 2005 when the opening sequence for the game was recreated using the graphics capability of the PS3. So if the famous video game company is willing to finally give the fans what they have been asking for, why not ask for more?

A petition has been started that is asking Square Enix to remake another classic from their catalog of “final” role-playing games. Will the gaming company listen to their fans, or will it be another long wait for Final Fantasy enthusiasts?

Square Enix isn’t exactly averse to remaking their games as they’ve produced new versions of many of their old classics including Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V. As of last Monday, the Final Fantasy VII remake is officially in the works, which leaves a bit of a hole in the “remastered Final Fantasy” library, and some fans have definitely noticed.

A fan from Mexico has started a petition on change.org that humbly requests that Square Enix also remake Final Fantasy VI in the same way that FF VII is being redone. His petition begins with, “It is unfair that Final Fantasy VII has a remastering but Final Fantasy VI did not have a good remake.” It seems like a reasonable complaint, but let’s see how many Final Fantasy fans agree with him.

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As of Wednesday morning, the petition has been signed by 115 people. That probably isn’t the outpouring of support that Square Enix would require to green light a FF VI remake. While Final Fantasy VI is regarded by some fans as the best in the series, others remarked on how ridiculous this request is.

“You guys are like unreasonable babies!! LOL. If they do a FF VI remake, then next will be people wishing for FF V!”
“Well, it would be good to have a remake of FF IVFF VI.”
“No, FFVII is better.”

In the interest of not starting an Internet flame war, RocketNews24 will not take sides in this FF VI vs. FF VII debate. Can’t Final Fantasy fans just be happy that they are finally getting one of the remakes that they have been asking about for so long?

Source: Change.org via My Game News Flash
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