In many countries around the world. LGBT rights are an obvious facet of equality, but in many other countries the struggle for progress is very slow going. Take India for example, which still forbids homosexuality by law, and anyone convicted can face up to 10 year of imprisonment with hard labor.

That’s why this short-movie advertisement by apparel company Anouk is grabbing so much attention for its bold decision to include a lesbian couple.

The advertisement is a short film entitled The Visit, featuring a simple story of a lesbian couple ready to affirm their relationship and come out to their parents. The video ends, allowing us to envision whatever outcome we choose, with their slogan “Bold is beautiful”.

The advertisement’s producer, Avishek Ghos, says of the video, “I wanted people to get rid of the prejudices and stereotypical images they have of the LGBT community. Everyone can understand the nervousness of introducing their partner to their parents, straight or not.”

With this film, Avishek proves just how beautiful bold can be, not just in regards to clothing, but also when standing up for change.

Source and featured image: YouTube (Myntra) via GENXY