Here’s a heart-warming video that might just make your day. In it, a white male cat is shown bullying and nipping away at a tiny kitten who’s a new addition to the household. Halfway through the video, however, an earthquake hits and the frightened white cat shows a sudden and complete change of heart.

It can be hard introducing a new pet to the household, particularly when it’s a rambunctious kitten and your current pets are a little older and set in their ways. In this video, the white kitty can be seen biting, biffing and generally duffing up the adorable tabby kitten that’s just way too teensy to defend itself.

At one point, the owner has to intervene and pull the kitten away from the jaws of the white kitty.

However, when an earthquake hits at the 2:30 mark, everything changes. The terrified white kitty places a protective paw over the snoozing kitten and stays on high alert until the shaking subsides. He then licks the kitten protectively when the little tyke wakes up.

Watch the whole video here to see how the white kitty undergoes a complete personality change when he thinks his little buddy’s in danger!

Aww, that’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while! Maybe the white kitty’s going to make a great cat uncle after all!

Source: NariNari
Images: Screenshot via Nico Nico Douga