Dog lovers to the left! It’s time for another cute Twitter kitty post! This time, we’ve got a pair of fuzzy kitty siblings to share with you. They’ve got some adorable tricks up their furry sleeves with which they entertain their loyal followers, mostly involving sleeping in tandem on their backs!

Pike-kun (pee-kay, white and ginger tabby, male) and Tote-chan (toh-tey, white and brown tabby, female) are a pair of perfectly matched kitty siblings whose owner tweets regular pics of their adorable antics on their dedicated Twitter account, @hoshiumi_kano. Let’s feast our eyes on some feline fuzziness!

The pair’s main trick involves sleeping in tandem on their backs. It’s not very common to see cats sprawled out like this, since cat tummies are a very sensitive area. Cats will generally only expose their bellies to potential danger in situations where they feel very, very comfortable. Check out these blissed-out kitties with all their defenses down!

▼ That wooden table doesn’t look like the comfiest of nap spots.

▼ It turns out these two will nap anywhere!

▼ Aww, kitty kisses!

▼ Adorable cuddle buddies!

▼ Tote-chan’s little pink tongue’s just popped out to say hi.

▼ Forget your idol performances. This darling duo is way more entertaining!

▼ Tote’s toe beans are so tiny!

▼ Just playing with some cherries.

▼ This basket cuddle puddle is cute, but we’re worried about Pike-kun’s air supply.

▼ This pair’s so cute, they can lick our toast and sniff our beans all they like… we won’t even get mad.

▼ What a cutesome twosome!

Check out their Twitter account for more!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter @hoshiumi_kano