Ghibli tribute 1

Proving once again that Studio Ghibli is one of the most treasured and influential movie makers in the world, a group of Thai animators has released a fun and endearing tribute to every Ghibli movie. Captured in their video are all 20 movies that span the storied studio’s filmography. Can you catch all the references within?

In a video that brings together 20 different Thai animators, this special video pays homage to all the many great theatrical features made by Studio Ghibli. You can feel their appreciation for the films and the impact that they have had on their own animating styles. The video is accompanied by the song from the end credits of Spirited Away, “Always With Me,” covered by Kate Covington.

Castle in the Sky

Ghibli tribute 2

My Neighbor Totoro

Ghibli tribute 3

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Ghibli tribute 4

Whisper of the Heart

Ghibli tribute 5

My Neighbor the Yamadas

Ghibli tribute 6


Ghibli tribute 7

When Marnie Was There

Ghibli tribute 8

As the credits roll on this short two-minute video, the fond memories you had when you originally watched the movies really well up inside of you. As these films inspire all of us to dream, they continue to inspire animators to achieve their best work. We hope Studio Ghibli hits “unpause” on their temporary restructuring break and brings us a new theatrical feature in the near future.

Source: YouTube/Muiki On Frame via Kotaku JP
Images: YouTube/Muiki On Frame