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The humble brain teaser manages to make us feel frustrated and really dumb all at the same time, but often you will find that these questions are used to test the intellectual aptitude of prospective students. One question on an entrance exam for a Hong Kong elementary school has gone viral and it’s leaving adults a little stumped. On the other hand, the six-year-olds the question is aimed at are having no problem solving this brain teaser. Can you answer the question that an elementary school student can get in about twenty seconds, or are you stumped like the rest of the adults?

Strap on your thinking caps and clear your desks, it’s time for a one-question pop quiz! Don’t give up because children who are far younger than you are solving this question in no time flat. Are you ready? No cheating!

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This simple looking question appeared on an entrance exam for a Hong Kong elementary school but has since spread all around the world. It’s probably been about 20 seconds already, so have you figured it out?

Hint (highlight below to read): It’s not as complicated as you think it is, just make sure you attack the problems from all angles.

▼ Here’s a picture of an adorable baby bunny to help you cope when you can’t figure it out. Or as a reward for solving it!

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The answer is…87!!

Easy, right? Well, not so easy for a lot of adults. Many of us attempt to solve this problem using arithmetic and patterns, but most of us can’t see the obvious pattern that is evident to children. Those young students don’t try to over think it and instead look at the question from all available angles, even the upside-down ones.

quiz 4Image: Flickr/allispossible.org.uk

How did you do? Are you smarter than a Hong Kong first grader? Are you about to enroll in a prestigious elementary school in the far east? If you are like the rest of us normal people, maybe it’s just time to head back to the grind of the adult world.

Source: Dailymail via Byokan Sunday
Top image: Weibo (edited by RocketNews24)