When it comes to food, presentation is everything, especially in Japan. You only have to stroll through a department store’s food floor to see how beautifully packaged and arranged everything is. And DIY food decorating is something that a lot of people really get into, whether it’s kyara-ben, deco-nabe, or artfully arranged curry rice.

And speaking of curry rice, here’s how to create an eye-catching deco-curry featuring one of Japan’s most beloved and cuddly mascot characters, Rilakkuma!

The following video comes courtesy of the Studio Lorien YouTube channel. Studio Lorien is run by, in their own words, a “fun-loving couple from Japan” and their channel is stuffed full of cute and fun videos on everything from cooking Japanese dishes to discussing Japanese toys, candy and snacks, and introducing various aspects of Japanese culture. It’s really a treasure trove of amazing stuff for any Japanophile, so we definitely recommend checking it out.

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But first, Rilakkuma bath-time curry! For those who are unfamiliar with Rilakkuma, he’s a popular character mascot from company San-X, an offshoot of Sanrio. Rilakkuma, a portmanteau of “relax” and “kuma” (bear) has grown in a short time to become one of Japan’s most popular mascots, with his own line of manga books and a huge range of goods. He’s even got his own special stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

Rilakkuma spends his time lazing, lounging and napping, soaking in hot springs, and of course stuffing his face with all his favourite treats like pudding and omurice. He’s basically a spirit animal for anyone who loves being lazy and consuming carbs. He’s often accompanied by a younger, female bear known as Korilakkuma, (little Rilakkuma) and his long-suffering and level-headed feathered friend, Kiiroitori (lit. “yellow bird”).

Let’s check out the video!

Hmm, is it just us, or does this look incredibly easy? Basically all you need to do is make several sized rice balls, stick on some cheese and seaweed, and then drown ’em in the curry!

Since taking a hot bath and eating yummy food are Rilakkuma’s two favourite things, it makes total sense that he’d love soaking in a huge vat of warm curry, too. Just remember to eat it quickly before Rilakkuma and his little buddy disintegrate into the curry!

If you’re desperate for more ideas to help you play with your food, here’s another Studio Lorien video, this time showing you how to make “Hello Kitty Cream Stew”!

This baby panda deco-ben video is also all kinds of adorable!

Do you like to play with your food, or are you one of these people who prefers to keep things practical?

Source: YouTube- Studio Lorien via Otahoo
Images: Screenshot via YouTube- Studio Lorien