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We have great news for all our Wagakki Band fans: The group has officially announced their second album! To be released this September, the record will be titled Yasouemaki and will feature 14 tracks, including some new original songs by the band. Hardcore fans will want to be sure to get a first printing too, as it will included an extra limited-edition song. Read on for more information!

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Ever since their first full-length release last year, we’ve been looking forward to new music from our favorite traditional-Japanese-instruments-and-rock band. Though the first album, titled Vocaloid Sanmai, was a romping fun ride through a host of vocaloid covers turned up to 11, we couldn’t help wondering what the band would sound like if they decided to write original songs.

Now we’ll be able to find out! Though Yasouemaki (八奏絵巻) will feature some vocaloid covers, like “Sebon Zakura,” there will also be plenty of original songs, too, including “Ikusa,” “Nadeshiko Sakura,” and “Hanabi.”

▼ “Ikusa”

▼ “Hanabi”

▼ “Nadeshiko Sakura”

The first printing of every version of the album will also feature an extra limited-edition song, a cover of “Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo,” usually translated as “The Last Confession on Earth,” a vocaloid song originally produced by Kemu using the Gumi vocaloid.

▼ Here’s the Wagakki Band version of “Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo.”

▼ And here’s the original vocaloid version for comparison.

A live version of another song to appear on the album has also appeared YouTube. Called “Hoshidukiyo,” or “The Starry Night,” a fairly straightforward rock song, it features the traditional flourishes and piercing, clean vocals we’ve come to expect from the Wagakki Band.

▼ “Hoshidukiyo” (“The Starry Night”)

The album will be released in a number of different versions. Aside from a CD version, there is also a set with your choice of either a DVD or Blu-Ray disc featuring a video recording of the band’s live performances. There will also be a music video collection set, which will feature the CD packaged with either a DVD or a Blu-ray. All versions come with one randomly selected trading card (out of a total of twenty). Obviously, each version also comes with its own variant cover as well!

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Finally, a special edition box set is planned as well and will contain the CD, two DVDs, a Blu-ray disc, and a photo collection. It will also come with a special edition USB stick packed with MP3s and high-definition audio.

▼ Potential USB stick design

wagakki usbWagakki Band

Yasouemaki is to be released on September 2 and will be available from a variety of retailers, including Tower Records, Rakuten, and Amazon Japan. So far, it looks like only a Japanese release is planned, but we’ll let you know if any international releases are planned.

Suddenly, September seems so far away, doesn’t it? Let us know in the comments section if you’re excited to hear original music from the Wagakki Band or if you wish they’d stick with vocaloid covers.

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Image: Amazon Japan