In the following video, a hooded man looking to pick a fight with a fellow passenger gets an unpleasant surprise when the passenger pulls out some smooth moves to put him in his place. Let’s just say payback sucks.

While the video’s title in Japanese claims that the martial artist passenger is a practitioner of aikido, other sources and video comments state that he’s performing some form of Chinese martial arts. We were unable to confirm which country the scene is taking place in, but those details hardly make a difference for the rogue on the train:

Here are some of the comments left under the video by Japanese Internet users:

“Wow, his body really spun around.”
“It’s gotta be faked. You wouldn’t be filming when that kind of situation actually happens.”
“Is this staged? At the very least, it’s not aikido. Isn’t aikido all about redirecting your opponent’s attacks and not actually hitting them directly?”
“The martial artist doesn’t fit his appearance. I bet there are lots of people who have kind faces but would be really buff if they got undressed.”
“Hey man, you picked the wrong person to mess with, LOL.”
“I can’t stand all the comments like, ‘Finish him off!’ It’s like an elementary school stomping ground.”

Let this be a lesson not to pick fights with strangers — or karma might bite you!

Source: CuRAZY
Image: YouTube (Peaky News)