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We’ve seen a lot of strange discoveries from the waters of Japan here at RocketNews24. Some of them are creepy, some are creepy and edible, and some are still creepy even when immortalized as little plastic toys.

For possibly the first time however, a sea creature has been found that is not creepy-looking at all. It’s even, dare we say, a little cute? Take a look at the pictures for yourself so you can see how adorable it is, and perhaps even help us figure what it is in the first place.

It all started when Japanese Twitter user @kqzvm1Rug posted this:

“This little guy I found at Mitsuhama market is too cute!”

Here’s a closer look of the adorable little, uh… thing.

“Oh hello! Don’t mind me, just looking around.”

weird cute fish 01

“Ha ha! Let’s have fun and play together!”

weird cute fish 02

Of course it should be noted that the cute creature in question is in fact dead. That’s the reason why there are no photos of it swimming around in only what we can assume would be its native habitat of rainbows and magical dreams come true.

Japanese netizens have been going crazy trying to figure out what the creature is. However, despite their best efforts at identifying it, they can’t seem to get past the sheer adorableness of the thing:

“It’s soo cuuute!”
“Yeah it’s cute but what on Earth is it?!”
“Is it some sort of miracle-shark?”
“I think the things that look like eyes are its nose openings.”
“It seems like a shark fetus, or maybe an embryo.”
“I know! Let’s ask Sakana-kun!

Sakana-kun is of course Japan’s resident fish-expert, the man who gets so passionate about fish that he has to wear a pufferfish hat at all times just to keep his excitement contained.

If he doesn’t know what it is, then it officially did not come from this planet.

But until Sakana-kun lays down his infallible verdict, what do you think the creature is? And, more importantly, do you think it’s cute? Remember, if you answer yes and see that creature dancing and making pop culture references in an animated kids’ movie someday, you only have yourself to blame!

Source: Twitter (@kqzvm1Rug) via Kinisoku
Images: Twitter (@kqzvm1Rug)