Is it love at first sight for this puppy and its human visitor?

Surprise, surprise! Another animal video on the internet has gone viral! The short clip appears to show a woman visiting the dog section of a pet shop. After she picks up an adorable white Pomeranian puppy, it seems to be smitten with her and jumps into her arms over and over again, no matter how many times she places it back in its case.

The video “Cutest Puppy Evar” was uploaded onto Facebook at the end of last month, and to date it’s been viewed an incredible 36.5 million times. Net users just can’t get enough of the fluffy pile of love propelling itself into the woman’s arms!

Just let the little doggie’s leap of faith speak for itself:

It’s not clear from this video whether the woman took the puppy home with her or not. Let’s hope that if not her, someone has brought it back to a loving home in the past month.

Sources/Image: Facebook (Koreaboo), ET Today (Chinese)
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