How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? If you’re familiar with the lightbulb joke, you would probably know that there are many possible answers to that question, depending on the nationality or occupation of the people involved in said question.

And how many people does it take to complete Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence? Approximately eight. We’re not joking! See for yourselves!

Sailor Moon has an array of items that give her special powers, some of which trigger transformation sequences that turn her from a bubbly schoolgirl to an evil-banishing heroine. Her various power transformations come with different makeup sequences, and the one that we’re looking at today is the Moon Cosmic Power transformation.

▼ This is how it looks like in the anime.

A bunch of “henshin ninjas” from Underground Cosplay brought the transformation to life with the powers of pure physical effort. No CG! The skit was done a few years ago, so maybe some of you Sailor Moon fans have seen it before, but it still is a cosplay classic we feel like looking back at every once in a while. Enjoy!

▼ Moon Cosmic Power… Make Up!

The mystery is solved! Without animation tricks, it takes eight people to complete Sailor Moon’s Moon Cosmic Power transformation! Or eight and a half, if you count that half-cat half-human ninja hiding behind the backdrop. Unfortunately, only Sailor Moon gets to experience the magic. Those are some awesome cosmic-colored onesies though, I would totally volunteer to be a “henshin ninja” if that would mean I’d get one of those!

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Source/Top image: YouTube via Asian School Boy