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Being an adult doesn’t make the danger of sharp table corners any less hazardous. If you jump up for the phone or rush to get the doorbell you might end up catching yourself right on those sharp points, but there just wasn’t any way to curb the sharpness of the table without resorting to something ugly covering the ends, like cardboard or tape, until now.

If cats follow the motto, “If it fitz, I sitz” then Japan certainly rules by, “It’s moot unless it’s cute.” Whoever designed these extremely cute looking corner covers is definitely following that motto.

Shared first by Nitori, essentially Japan’s version of Ikea, these adorable corner covers do much more than add an element of cute to your dwelling. Their perfectly round shape covers the pointy edge of any cube or cuboid and makes those dangerous edges much safer.corner 2Coming in three designs, a brown bear, a white cat and a green frog, you can plan out your living area with the animal that suits your living space the best. The thickness of your table doesn’t seem to matter as the mouths on the animals are 90 degree angles that snuggly chomp the 90 degree corners of your table.

corner 3The price for the cute corner softeners, which ca be ordered here through Yahoo! Shopping Japan, is 972 yen (US $7.83) for a set of two, so you would have to get another pair to keep yourself safe from all four corners. But as they say, you can’t put a price on cuteness…and safety.

Source: Yahoo! Japan Shopping
Images: Yahoo! Japan Shopping (edited by RocketNews24)