If you’ve been with us here at RocketNews24 for a while, or have any sort of interest in Japanese culture, then you are probably fairly familiar with Japanese obento, or boxed lunches. Bento are easily customizable and tend to include a variety of different ingredients, which makes them more fun, colorful, and healthy than the regular old packed lunch. Some mothers go all out, waking up at the crack of dawn to make elaborate and super-cute kyara-ben for their beloved school-going children (a lucky husband may get one too).

But not everyone has the patience, energy, or creativity to put into making the perfect lunch every day. Or sometimes, mom may feel under appreciated (or maybe dear child didn’t do what he/she was asked to do!), so she decides to take a break from those laborious lunches. Here are 16 hilarious examples of times Japanese mothers, for whatever reason, decided to skimp on the visual appeal, and sometimes even the meal itself!

A more traditional obento usually includes white rice with an umeboshi pickled plum in the center, resembling the Japanese flag. Umeboshi have a very strong, sour, vinegary taste. One on a bed of rice is plenty, but this… this just seems rather cruel.

▼”This is the bento I got the day after we had an argument.”

▼”My friend’s bento is amazing lol”

▼”My friend’s bento one day. The lunch he got from his mom the day after he did something bad was what you see here, along with this cruel note…”

The note reads: “Crime and punishment”.

▼”Boiled tofu for lunch… I wonder if I made my mom mad somehow…?”

▼”I’ll never forget my friend’s lunch.”


Just a couple sticks of chocolate-chip bread. Perfect size for that bento box though, no?

▼”Mom must’ve been half asleep when she put my thermos inside my lunch.”

▼The word “curry” written out with nori seaweed on top of plain white rice… “This was my terrible lunch the day after we had a fight. There was no curry anywhere, and nothing else to go with it but furikake (rice seasonings)”


▼”My friend’s lunch, made from Akai Kitsune, lolololol”


Akai Kitsune is a brand of instant udon noodles topped with kitsune, or fried tofu skins.

Akaikitsune&MidorinotanukiImage: Wikipedia (Kuha455405)

▼”At the bento shop, when given the choice between rice and broccoli, this is what I got when I chose broccoli.” So much broccoli, and so much meat…

▼”I did say I wanted to eat some Peyoung yaki-soba, but I didn’t expect a bento full of it.”


▼”In a way, my friend’s bento is the greatest, lol. (That’s not an umeboshi, it’s a mini tomato) (That breaded cutlet is one of those 60 yen ones (US$0.49) from the old-time candy stores)”


▼”When I opened my lunch during lunchtime…” A 500-yen coin (US$4) and a note reading, “Mom is tired!!”

▼”Mom’s handiwork. This is what she made when asked for a kyara-ben. Looks just like a toy poodle.”


▼”The person next to me’s lunch, lol.” One for the main dish, and one for dessert!


▼”My friend’s lunch, lol! He was like, ‘What? Mom!’ Haha!”

Tell us, readers! What was the worst packed lunch someone ever made for you?

Source: Curazy
Featured image: Twitter (@nashinona)