Walt Disney’s animations have made a huge impact since the beginning, and the Disney mania is still going strong even today. You may be one of those fans who knows nearly every single bit of Disney trivia there is to know, or you may just be one of those who enjoy watching a classic every so often and seeing the new films as they come out, but aren’t exactly the know-it-all. And that’s okay.

While the average fan may not know everything about every Disney movie there is, you would at least expect someone representing the official Disney name to know the basics, which is why the Father’s Day tweet posted by the official Disney Japan Twitter account brought about a bit of confusion and a lot of laughter for their rather obvious blunder!

Father’s Day in Japan is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, as it is in a number of other countries around the world. So, on the morning of Sunday, June 21, the official Disney Twitter posted an image of Belle from the 1991 animated version of Beauty and the Beast with a message reading: “Today is Father’s Day! Thank you for everything, Dad.”

But the thing is, the old man in the photo with Belle is not her father at all, but the old keeper of the bookshop.

If you’re at all familiar with the movie, you’ll know that Belle’s father is this crazy fellow:

crazy old maurice hmImage: Babble

Disney fans were very quick to point out the blunder:

“Isn’t Maurice Belle’s father!?”

“No, that’s not her father. That’s the old man from the bookstore.”

“Are you alright, Disney Official? Have you really forgotten your own works?”

“Her father isn’t there though…(´・ω・`)”

While one even offered up a reason for why this wasn’t actually a mix-up at all:

“That’s actually Belle’s real father…”

Why do have a feeling a certain Twitter account manager is going to get a rap on the knuckles this week? Go easy on ’em, Disney!

Source: Twitter (@disneyjp) via My Game News Flash
Featured image: House of Geekery