Making tofu, believe it or not, actually requires enough physical labor that, even if you’re just making enough for yourself, you’re liable to at least break a sweat (although, honestly, why on earth would you make just a single serving of tofu?). There’s a lot of pressing and carrying heavy things around and grunting involved in tofu creation, is what we’re saying.

But is it hard enough that making a lot of it over time can turn your average tofu maker into a rippled, muscular Adonis? The short answer is, uh…maybe. Your results may vary (and you probably ought to hit the gym, anyway) but Taiwanese media claims to have found at least one particularly fit local tofu maker.

Certain Taiwanese media outlets, according to our Japanese source, have been going gaga over this tofu-making stud, while Taiwanese ladies desperately scour Yelp for the location of this guy’s shop. We’ll get to the matter of location in a second.



Now, I’m a red-blooded heterosexual male. I love women a lot; just look at how often I write about them. But I have to say that this man is objectively attractive enough that just the sight of him might have bumped me a few notches along the Kinsey scale. I mean, I’d at least give him a manly hug and maybe a brief snuggle if I was feeling emotionally vulnerable at the time.



Of course, tofu being very good for you and objectively delicious – especially when fresh-made – is reason enough to find a local producer that makes the stuff by hand and visit often, but being able to enjoy a little eye candy while you wait is icing on the bean curd cake!


Too bad this guy is actually just a professional model, and these pictures are from a photo shoot for an ad promoting Samsung’s newest Galaxy phone. It appears the campaign, which purported to depict hotties of both genders working around town, was apparently well-done enough that some Taiwanese media outlets assumed the ads depicted real professionals.


You might be thinking that revelation kind of makes this entire article sort of moot, but, hey, with all the coverage we give to Attractive Women Doing Things, we figured the ladies (and guys that swing that way!) deserved a little something, too.


Source and Photos: Genxy