“Otoko no ko”, beautiful boys who can easily pass for girls when they try to, are a favourite of Japan’s netizens (and us!). Who doesn’t love marvelling at stunningly beautiful people, whatever the gender? Here at RocketNews24, we’ve brought you more than a handful of cute beauties, and here’s another one for you… Thai university student Jade Woe!

Jade came to the Japanese public’s attention when photos of him (his gender is listed as male on his Facebook page) were posted on a Japanese news site. “Beautiful!” gushed commenters as they clamoured to find his Facebook page and Instagram and post his public photos for perusal. “What is gender, anyway?” mused one commenter. “When someone’s this cute, I wanna date them, I wanna be with them always, and, er, all the rest of it!”

Jade is also apparently gaining quite a bit of fame in his native country. He’s even appeared on television in Thailand. Here’s Jade on the television show “Thailand Only”

Here’s some photos of Jade, in reverse chronological order. You can see how his look has been evolving from slightly more androgynous to full-on feminine. We think he looks incredible in all of them!

▼ Jade studies Economics at Srinakharinwirot University.

▼ Looking good in pink!

▼ With a girl friend. Great brows!

▼ Looking like a celebrity in the classroom!

▼ We love this pink headband!

▼ He’s gonna have some awesome pearly whites to show off!

▼ Looking youthful with some school buddies

▼ Short hair? Still pretty!

▼ Check out that dimple!

Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing more of him soon – we reckon a career in the entertainment industry awaits!

Source: Kinisoku – Livedoor
Images: Facebook – Jade Woe