A new photo book titled Nagoya in the Showa Era: Showa Years 20-40 (昭和の名古屋 昭和20~40年代) captures all of the struggles and efforts to rebuild the city, which is the capital of Aichi Prefecture, between 1945-1965. If you or someone you know has a connection to Nagoya, this book may provide an interesting and relevant glimpse into the past.

Nagoya in the Showa Era will be released by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Publishing Co., Ltd. on June 24. The book compiles 240 pages-worth of photographs spanning two decades taken from the Nagoya Times archives. Amazon Japan currently lists the pre-order price at 2,160 yen (US $17.61), a reasonable amount for such a treasure trove of local knowledge and memories.

The collection captures the growth of Nagoya in the postwar years as the city was in the process of being rebuilt after various air-raids ravaged the city. A bit further down the line, the book also details the recovery process following September 1959’s Isewan Typhoon/Typhoon Vera, which is still considered to be the strongest and deadliest typhoon ever to strike Japan.

A whole range of human emotions can be viewed in some of the sample scenes below, which include a glimpse of the postwar rubble, a Christmas party at a cabaret, and an elephant during a festival at the Higashiyama Zoo:






You can view slightly larger versions of the photos above here.

Since the photos will provide an intimate look into the lives of people 50-70 years ago, it could be interesting to show the book to some of your Japanese friends’ grandparents to see which scenes in particular evoke memories of their younger days.

Source: Plginart Project
Images: Amazon Japan