We have seen plenty of weird miniature figures over the years, and while some of them have left us scratching our heads, none of them have been quite as unusual as this, the “Haisha Collection” (“Scrap Car Collection”). Beaten, battered, dented, and crumpled, these miniature cars probably won’t be high on anyone’s souvenir list…but then again, we might be wrong!

cars (2)

Set to be released towards the end of June, this six-piece collection will be available in gachapon machines at various stores around Japan, including Bic Camera and Yodabashi Camera. The scrap cars include a minivan, sports car, compact car, and an “American” car, which seems to be a convertible you’d expect to find the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson driving through bat country. There’s even a “scrap car block” that looks like a deformed brain.

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You will be able to buy them from gachapon machines for 200 yen each (about US$1.63). What you choose to do with the cars is obviously up to you, but playing Jenga, as you can see above, is obviously one possibility.

▼ Or you could sacrifice them to…this.

cars (1)

Here’s an official tweet announcing the imminent release of the beaten-up vehicle miniatures. They wisely inform potential customers that “they come as scrap cars, so please don’t try to exchange them for new ones!”

Though they’re slightly unconventional, we can see these miniatures being pretty popular. Especially if you’re filming a stop motion short with lots of vehicle damage!

Sources: Embrace Japan via ITMedia
Images: Twitter (@embrace_japan)