If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent some of your daydream time contemplating awesome collaborations like Colossal Titans morphing into toy cars, Crayolas whittled into Star Wars character heads or even cats flying through space on pieces of sushi.

While we may not have the graphic design skills to visually realise half of our crazy awesome ideas, there’s one lucky man who can. Jack Lee, an artist from Hong Kong, has successfully melded Iron Man with a Japanese samurai warrior and the image he came up with is simply amazing. We take a look at his time-lapse video to see just how much effort went in to creating the perfect Iron man samurai.

The video reveals the variety of sources for Lee’s creation, including samurai battle armour, helmets and a bright orange robotic arm. While the end result is remarkable, it’s the layer upon layer of shade and highlights that makes this work truly impressive.

From the very first stages of the video, Lee begins sketching upon his initial design.



The headpiece draws inspiration from the metal plates of Japanese kabuto helmets.


While the body incorporates some of the shoulder and breastplate designs, with a good dose of shading to enhance the effect.



The initial orange paint may be shocking but the base tone is continually adjusted until the characteristic Iron Man shade appears.


The detail extends even to the decorative element on Iron Man’s forehead, which mimics the horned animals on samurai helmets.


The two versions he came up with are a perfect blend of superhero and samurai. Prototype one for everyday use and prototype two for battle. Now we just need someone to bring these designs to life so we can see them out here in the real world!



Keep up the amazing work, Jack!

Source: Jackleeee
Images: Jackleeee, jack sketch