Box-loving Japanese kitty Maru has been delighting cat fans for years with his love for cardboard containers of all kinds. Despite being a fluffy chubster, Maru seems to constantly underestimate his own size, leading to much hilarity as he attempts to squeeze his podgy body into boxes and containers that are just way too small for him.

But now, Maru’s taking his act to the next level. No longer content just to squeeze himself into boxes, he’s now embarking upon a transition process to become a box himself

In the latest video uploaded to Maru’s YouTube channel by his owner Mugumogu, we can see how Maru has taken to wearing cardboard beer can sleeves around the house. It’s like he’s got a little cosy jacket on!

At the beginning of the video, we can see Maru shed his old, Asahi beer box shell for a fresh new cardboard sleeve. It’s almost hypnotic the way his lithe form slithers out of one box and into another.

This is clearly a sign that Maru is transitioning into a fully formed boxcat. It won’t be long until he’s an entirely cardboard kitty. Still, we have to say that we prefer furry Maru.

Here’s a bonus video of Maru napping on his back, human-style! So tranquil…

We can’t wait to see what crazy cardboard kitty capers Maru comes up with next…

Source: Kotaro269
Images: Screenshots via YouTube – mugumogu