Japan has a reputation for having crazy and entertaining commercials and this one is no exception. Titled “LOVE♡48 Koi no 48-tte Kundemita”, this commercial for Durex condoms puts a modern twist on the Japanese Kama Sutra (Shijuuhatte 四十八手) by having professional wrestler Tank Nagai squaring off against tarento Yuki Mamiya.

The story behind the commercial is, “There are many ways to express love. Sex is one way that lovers can deepen their relationship, but the number of Japanese who feel embarrassed about sex, dislike it, or are just not interested in it has increased greatly. From ancient Japanese times, the shijuuhatte provided many different ways to express love and to enjoy sex.”

While that statement may be considered to be true in Japan, isn’t it kind of the same all over the world?

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This commercial won the Special Judges’ Prize for the Brain Online Video Award (BOVA). The “ninja schoolgirls” commercial which we featured in 2014 was also one of the winners in the contest.

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