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Japan loves unusual watermelons. You’ve probably heart of square watermelons before, but what about pyramid and peanut-shaped watermelons? Or heart-shaped ones? It can’t get any crazier than that, right?

Well a new challenger has appeared: watermelon bread. Yes, that’s right, watermelon bread. It’s green on the outside, red on the inside, and even has black “seeds” sprinkled throughout. Your taste buds will never be more confused, or more excited, than when they take a bite of this.

The watermelon bread (also known as watermelon toast, though it looks pretty soft to us) originated at Jimmy’s Bakery, a bread shop in Yilan County of northeastern Taiwan. The owner claims his inspiration behind creating it was to get kids excited about eating bread during the hot summer when they tend to have smaller appetites.

Personally I’ve never had a problem scarfing down hotdog and hamburger buns during the summer, but either way this ingenious baker’s invention was a huge success. He makes the watermelon colors using powdered tea for the green, cherries for the red, and bamboo charcoal for the black.

You can watch a video here of someone else making some watermelon bread of his own. Two warnings in advance though: it’s in Chinese, and it does not look easy at all. Attempt to make it yourself at your own risk!

But, hey, enough talk. Let’s take a look at some sweet pictures of this stuff so we can drool and wish we had a delicious slice of our own!

▼ There it is in all of its tastebud-confusing glory.


▼ This one got a little squashed, but I mean come on, you can’t complain. It’s watermelon bread!

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▼ D’aww, they’re best friends! Who would have ever thought bread could be cute?


▼ A close-up of a slice of watermelon… er, bread-ermelon… er, water-bread!


▼ Just enjoying a nice day at the beach with a thirst-quenching, juicy slice of toast.


▼ It’s all wrapped up and ready to go home with you… until you wake up from your watermelon bread dream.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Taiwan’s Jimmy’s Bakery does international deliveries, so there’s only two options to get your hands on some watermelon bread of your own. You can either fly to Taiwan, or attempt to make it yourself.

Here’s a link to a recipe (in English) that attempts to recreate the watermelon bread using raisins for the seeds. It doesn’t look easy, but if you try it out, be sure to let us know how it ends up! And if you want to send us a slice or two to taste test, well, we’ve been looking for a new best friend.

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