Everyone loves weddings, don’t they? A Western-style Japanese wedding usually involves a fancy (though usually fake) church, tons of great food, and multiple dress changes for the bride. In short, it’s excellent entertainment! Some potential wedding guests in Japan have been getting so excited at the thought of attending a wedding, they’ve been gleefully doodling all over their RSVPs! Let’s take a look at some of these cute sketches!

Promptly RSVP’ing to a wedding is considered good manners in any country. Especially in Japan, with its strict etiquette rules. But there’s no need to be too formal about it… instead of simply sending in an “I’ll be attending” form, these excited wedding guests have been drawing and doodling all over their responses – perhaps to express their excitement to the soon-to-be-wedded couple!

 ▼ This Alice in Wonderland-themed illustrated wedding invitation response is incredibly gorgeous!

 ▼ How about cramming in as many cute cartoon characters as possible?


 ▼ You can’t go wrong with a couple of sketches of adorable character Rilakkuma and his pals!

 ▼ Wow, this one is beautiful! We’d be getting this one framed if it were ours!

 ▼ This one’s cute… the bunny is tearing up a sign reading “Not attending” and stomping on the pieces! We guess that means they’re in!


 ▼ More adorable Disney antics!

 ▼ That’s an awfully plain invitation response form. It looks much better with these cute doodles!

 ▼ Aww, Mickey and Minnie, the ultimate romantic Disney couple…

 ▼ Another beautiful Alice in Wonderland illustration!

 ▼ We love the Japanese art style here!

 ▼ Here, the “Not attending” option is being blasted off the page!

 ▼ Adorable bunnies and some nice line work!


While in Japan it’s expected for guests to cough up quite a sizeable chunk of money to cover their attendance at a wedding, it usually works out in their favour since they get to enjoy all the food, alcohol, and spectacle, and usually receive a really nice present in the post afterwards! No wonder people get so excited about it. And we have to say, these hand-illustrated attendance forms are a really nice way for guests to show how happy they are for the future couple!

Source: Curazy
Main Image: Twitter @rondonxxx