Hyomyun Shin might look like a teenager, but he’s actually a 26-year-old adult. His permanently youthful features are a result of Highlander Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that causes the body to age at a drastically reduced rate.

Despite looking like a teenage boy, Shin is a fully grown man with a mind to match, so it’s only natural that he enjoys drinking and going out with his friends just like any other adult his age. Rather than being forced into a state of permanent adolescence due to his growth disorder (as happened to a Chinese woman with a similar condition), Shin is, for all intents and purposes, a fully mature man. While he hasn’t gone through puberty yet, he’s got an eye for pretty girls, and keeps a poster of actress Scarlett Johansson on his wall.

To satisfy skeptics, Shin is happy to show off his official ID card which lists his age at 26 and his year of birth as 1989. In fact, since he enjoys going to clubs and drinking alcohol, we bet his ID card’s had plenty of use!

In this video, we see Shin go on a blind date with a woman who can’t quite believe he’s 26! In fact, she can’t stop herself from prodding his chubby cheeks!

Unperturbed, Shin chugs down a beer whilst getting his flirt on.

Afterwards, he has a makeover to try to make himself look older… we’re not sure if it really worked, but he looks pretty darn cool!

Shin seems like a natural in front of the camera. We’d love to see him acting in a K-drama sometime!

Source: Zaeega
Images: Screenshots via YouTube – CJE&M