Masako Mizutani , also known as the “Lady of Eternal Youth”, is a Japanese model with legions of international fans. Mizutani is famous for supposedly looking young enough to be in her twenties – the same age as her daughter. The youthful-looking 46-year-old regularly updates her blog with photos and selfies, but as well as praise and admiration, these pics have attracted allegations of Photoshop fakery.

Determined to prove that Masako’s beauty is the real deal, our reporter Nakano grabbed his camera and headed to a special “age-measuring” event the model was appearing at. Let’s take a look at his photo report!

Mizutani was appearing at the Tokyo AGEless Menu Fair, but don’t be fooled – the AGE in the title stands for Advanced Glycation End-products, substances that may cause or worsen degenerative diseases. The event was organised by the AGE sokutei suishin kyoukai (AGE測定推進協会), or “AGE Measurement Promotion Society”.

I’ll be honest – I can’t tell if the AGE Measurement Promotion Society is a legitimate medical association that just happens to have a slightly cheesy Japanese website, or an organisation that exists to sell body age-measuring machines and anti-ageing recipe books. Possibly both?

But I digress. Masako Mizutani was one of four special guests at the event, invited to have their “body age” measured. Our man Nakano reported delightedly that Mizutani looked every bit as stunning in person as he had hoped:

“She doesn’t look 46 at all!” he commented.She’s not just a beautiful witch, she’s a beautiful goddess!”




Next up, it was time for the main event – the age-measuring! What would Mizutani’s “body age” be? She has the body of a woman in her 30s, or even 20s, right…?

▼ Oh.


Yep, Mizutani’s “body age” is 51, apparently – a full five years older than her actual age! This wasn’t the result we were expecting at all! Never mind, she doesn’t look too upset about it…

▼ Oh no wait, maybe she does mind just a little bit.


▼ Although actually, only one of the four guests recorded a body age lower than their actual age.


But still, Nakano was blown away by Masako’s natural beauty, and continued to take photos to capture her radiance.



▼ The special guests then enjoyed sampling some (presumably anti-ageing?) foods.



“Never mind about the body age thing,” concluded Nakano. “Mizutani-san is just as beautiful in real life as she is in her selfies.”


You heard it here first, folks.

Original report by Nakano
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