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Ice cream manufacturer Häagen-Dazs is pretty popular in Japan. The company has a large enough market share to run near-constant ads inside subway and above-ground train cars; usually a pretty good indicator of market success since ads on JR trains cost, approximately, all the dollars that ever were or ever will be.

One reason for the brand’s popularity in Japan – other than, you know, it tastes good – is the fancy, sturdy packaging used for individually-portioned cups. Now, most people just like them because it contributes to the brand’s premium mystique, but it turns out a lot of Japanese Twitter users are finding recently that the sturdy, distinctive plastic lids have a huge variety of neat, bonus utility and decorative uses even after all the ice cream inside is gone.

It appears that, by happy coincidence, the ice cream’s lids are the perfect size and shape to cap off numerous other containers you’re likely to find in a Japanese household, such as natto packets, dog and cat food tins, rolls of tape, coffee mugs and more.

The caps can even be used, apparently, to replace a lens cap on your digital SLR camera in a pinch, and make perfect coasters for cups of certain sizes…

The lids in these photos appear to come from Häagen-Dazs’s Mini Cup individual-size cups, which clock in at 110 milliliters and a surprisingly healthy 240-ish calories – although some flavors have even lower calorie counts. We did as much research about Mini Cups from other regions as we could before the constant visual bombardment of perfectly scooped ice cream in myriad flavors threatened to get the best of our willpower and we had to shut down the computer and go eat as much kale as our stomachs could handle; we found that the Canadian and Hong Kong mini-cups are a different size and shape from their Japanese counterparts, and (sigh), true to gluttonous stereotype, it appears the US doesn’t even make mini cups at all, so Japan may be the only country that gets these surprisingly versatile lids.

Which is really a shame, because if they existed where you live, you’d have one more excuse to buy unholy amounts of ice cream.

Source: Naver Matome
Feature photo: Twitter