You never really grow out of wanting to be a Pokémon master. Even if you’re no longer a kid and now have a 9-5 job with bills and responsibilities. This new “Pokémon lifestyle magazine“, aptly titled Pokémon Life, is aimed at working adults who still have a fondness for their beloved childhood franchise.

Japan’s tradition of long-standing franchises such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and, of course, Pokémon have brought about a strange cultural phenomenon in recent years. Kids who grew up loving these franchises have now become working adults, with enough expendable income to be a vital demographic. Chances are, those who grew up collecting pokémon or dashing about squealing “Moon Prism Power!” will still have a nostalgic fondness for their childhood heroes, which translates into a need for adult-appropriate tie-in goods and merchandise. We’ve already seen this with Sailor Moon – there’s loads of goods which are marketed exclusively for adult women. And now this “adult-oriented” (but not in THAT way!) magazine has arrived to delight grown-up Pokémon fans.

The first issue is due to go on sale on July 30 for a retail price of 1,200 yen (US$9.60). It will feature a wealth of information on various Pokémon games, goods and movies. There’s even a special feature on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire director Shigeru Ohmori, who tweeted excitedly about the magazine on his Twitter account:

▲ “Pokémon LIFE, a new Pokémon magazine for adults, will go on sale on July 30, published by Shogakukan. It’s got an interview with me and also features never-before-seen artwork! Please check it out if you’d like!”

Japanese magazines often come with pretty cool free gifts, and Pokemon LIFE is no exception. It comes with a bright yellow Pikachu card case, featuring trading cards with the likeness of Pokémon super-fan and talent Shoko Nakagawa as well as popular pokémon Sylveon!

▼ She’s just crazy about Pokémon!

▼ We really want that card case! It’s adorable yet still has a mature, classy vibe to it!

Would you be interested if they brought out an adult-oriented Pokémon magazine in your country, too?

Source: Kai-You
Main Image: Twitter @mowmow_san