The first rule of cosplay is that there are no rules. If you don’t want to follow a certain character’s look to a T, then you don’t have to. In fact, there’s all sorts of ways to enjoy cosplay. “Casual cosplay” is one such option. And now, it turns out that lingerie cosplay is another!

Check out this Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus lingerie and wig only cosplay from Geek x Girls! Warning: some of these pic are a little NSFW!

Purelight Cosplay, aka Haruka, aka Sailor Uranus (blonde), and Lossien, aka Michiru, aka Sailor Neptune (blue hair) posed for this “boudoir photoshoot” for website Geek x Girls. Purelight Cosplay says: “I think I pull Haruka off pretty well. Lossien makes a beautiful Neptune as well.” What do you think?

▼ We love the soft lighting used for this photoshoot!

▼ Wigs on point.

▼ These snaps were taken by Lossien’s husband.

▼ Check out that attention to detail! Even the nail polish is spot on!

▲ (Be honest – you didn’t even notice the nail polish at first, did you?)

Let’s hope we see more inventive cosplay like this!

Source: Geek x Girls h/t Kotaku Japan
Images: Geek x Girls