If you’re a player of any kind of trading card game (TCG) then you probably have multiples of certain cards from booster packs lying around, so why not try this epic way to use up those excess cards?

Twitter user @db_hopeslash has turned the already super cool art featured on Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards into epic shadow boxes, layering the cut outs from the cards to create depth and dramatic visual effects. Colossi, dragons and strange creatures look like they’re bursting out from the shadow realm, and they’d make a really cool desktop decoration for any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan (if they can get over the fact that precious cards have been cut up for the sake of art). Check out some of his creations below.

The Monarchs Awaken

▼In this side shot you can see how the 3D effect is built up.

Ojama Country

▼You don’t need any specialist tools other than tweezers and a good craft knife.

▼Shadow of the Ojama.

Mirror of the Ice Barrier


Black Rose Dragon

▼This is an older piece, and the creator evaluates his prior work critically (it looks pretty good to us, though).

▼A comparison to show how his technique has developed, with the latest on the left.

The Process

Below you can see the process he goes through in creating these mini works of art, demonstrated here using Gigant Sword Dragon from the TCG Future Card Buddyfight.

▼Step 1: Get a bunch of the same cards.

▼Step 2: Cut your cards to pieces.

▼Step 3: Stick your cut out bits on top of each other.

▼Step 4: Awesomeness.

Of course it’s probably going to take you a lot of practice, trial and error, and paper cuts to get to the same level of craftsmanship as this guy. However, with enough patience and effort, you too could bring your cards to life like never before.

Source: Twitter via Kotaku
Images: @db_hopeslash on Twitter