Last year, the Internet went gaga over the discovery that, for reasons that remain a mystery to nearly everyone, (some) cats, when presented with a circle on the floor, will enter said circle and just sit there. In what is probably the most effective way to make the notoriously free-spirited animals “stay,” these cat circles, which are called “neko hoihoi” in Japan, appeared in numerous videos, photos, and tweets online. From tape to hula hoops to dirty clothes, the cat-catching circles can, seemingly, be made of anything!

But now you no longer need to actually make a cat circle — instead you can buy an adorable little tatami reed flooring mat from a Kyoto company. Give your room a little class and trap your cat all at the same time! It’s probably easier than trying to use a computer when your adorable kitty wants attention.

Here’s a video of the “cat circle” phenomenon in action.

And here’s another video compiling various photos of cats and the different circles used to trap them.

Known as “neko hoihoi” (“cat traps,” like “cockroach traps”) in Japan, these cat circles were a big hit online last year. Apparently inspired by all the videos and photos, the Kyoto-based company Nagomi has released a new product to ensnare all the cats: A neko hoihoi tatami mat!

▼ Like this!

Produced by Nagomi and sold by Ishikawa no Takenomise, the mats are hexagons 43 centimeters (16.9 inches) wide and are apparently made by hand. The edges are covered with cloth with a paw print design. You can buy one online for 3,240 yen (about US$26.15) through Rakuten. You can also make inquiries by phone at 075-861-0076. There is currently about a one-month waiting period, according to their Rakuten page.


Here’s a video of the mats in action! Look at those adorable furry faces beguiled by the power of the tatami circle!

Now, if only someone would make a mat that could keep our dogs from eating our homework…

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