Anyone who’s had to endure a summer in Japan knows just how awful the muggy heat can be. With the rainy season coming to an end and the temperatures steadily rising, there’s no denying summer is finally here. If you’re at all like me and are already having a hard time dealing with the heat, these adorable photos of pet budgies, cockatiels and parakeets trying to keep cool in front of the fan are just what you need to help prepare you for summer.

Japanese homes and apartments are notoriously poorly insulated, making it rather difficult to keep warm inside during the winter. It is said that the reason houses were built that way to allow for more airflow to keep it cooler indoors during the summer.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case! Combine that with the lack of central air and heating, and you honestly just can’t win, no matter the season. The only saving graces are the individual air conditioning units you’ll now find fitted in most Japanese homes. While they’re really only made to heat or cool a small area (or rather, just one room), with the help of an electric fan to circulate the air, Japanese summers somehow become a bit more tolerable.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate the wonderful benefits of the simple electric fan. Pet birds all over Japan are thrilled to have their cool, airy buddies back for the season.

▼”My cockatiel gets so happy when I set up the fan. I see this and really start to feel like it’s summer.”

▼”My cockatiel scattering makeup powder through the fan’s ventilation.”

With their balance and claws, it’s no problem for them to park it right where they’ll get the best breeze!

▼”I’m a bit worried about how much my parakeet loves the fan. Before I know it she’s attached to it.”

▼”My parakeet, cooling down in front of the fan. ( ´ω`)”

▼”My parakeet must’ve been hot, he fell asleep attached to the fan, lol. He’s got his beak hooked on and his eyes closed tight… LOL How cute <3″

▼”Parakeets keeping cool in front of the fan’s breeze. It was pretty hot today wasn’t it?”

▼”My parakeet’s so cute sitting perched on top of the fan, I could die”

▼”The family parakeet Qoo, at night, relaxing on top of the fan again.”

▼”My parakeet doing a weird pose on top of the fan. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚”

▼”He goes right in front of the fan.”

▼”Our parakeet cooling off in front of the fan.”

Do birds really like the wind blowing on them like that though?

▼”‘Ahhh~’ He really loves the hair drier (cool setting).”

▼”Parakeet in drier’s breeze.”

▼”I guess parakeets like hair driers? LOL Even though it’s blowing cool air on him, he’s staying so calm LOL (´-`).。oO”

It seems that they do! And who can blame them, especially in this weather? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out in front of my own fan and hibernate until this is all over!

Source: NAVER Matome
Featured image: Twitter (@c3a6r9p)