Japanese Twitter user @kamonpoi wants to go to see Mad Max: Fury Road, but not as badly as his young son does! The fifth-grader is a die-hard Mad Max fan who is desperate to see the new movie, but was distraught to hear that it would carry an R15+ rating, meaning he has no chance to see it in the cinema.

So instead, the boy put his energy and frustration to good use and did what elementary school kids do best: he made something out of Lego.

The Doof Wagon is probably the craziest vehicle from Mad Max – production company Warner Bros. even calls it “sonic carmageddon”. The vehicle has a mobile stage, a wall of speakers and sub-woofers, and air conditioning ducts to drive home the beat of the accompanying Taiko drummers. All in all, it’s pretty darn cool.

▼ The non-Lego version.

1x-1-4Vehicle Showcase

▼ And here’s the home-made Lego version made by Twitter user @kamonpoi‘s son!

▼ Let’s take a closer look!

20150621173817Hatena Blog/kamonpoi

20150621173845Hatena Blog/kamonpoi

20150621174104Hatena Blog/kamonpoi

The R15+ rating that Fury Road has received in Japan means kids under 15 are prohibited from seeing it in cinemas (unlike, for example, the United States, where minors can see R-rated movies so long as they are accompanied by an adult). As a fifth-grader, @kamonpoi’s son is at least four years too young to be allowed into a screening.

According to dad, he’s seen the first three films (at home, we assume), and has been watching the trailer on repeat ever since it came out.

▼ That, and building awesome Lego constructions.

20150621174021Hatena Blog/kamonpoi

▼ Son of @kamonpoi, we salute you!

20150621181913Hatena Blog/kamonpoi

Sources: Hachima Kikou, TwitterHatena Blog/amonpoi
Featured image: Hatena Blog/kamonpoi