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Although some data suggests Japan’s breasts are becoming bigger than ever, it’s not like every woman in the country has a large chest. As a matter of fact, last year we saw lingerie brand Feast enter the market, with a catalogue specifically tailored towards women with more compact busts.

Feast was founded last August, which means this is really the brand’s first full summer. Appropriately, the company has no expanded its offerings from just underwear to swimwear, too, with this playfully feminine bathing suit.

With all of its frills and ribbons, you might at first mistake this for part of Feast’s intimate apparel collection. The designer says all of those frills aren’t just there to add girlish appeal, though, but also to cover up the body line for the sake of more modest beachgoers. Conversely, you can also remove the frilled shoulder straps, if the cherub wing look is just a little too cutesy for your tastes.

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Feast recommends the two-piece for women with a bust measurement between 70 and 80 centimeters (28 to 32 inches). Aside from the white and pink version seen above, there’s also a two-tone dark gray and white variant that gives off a bit of a French maid vibe.

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Or if you want to go extra colorful, you can opt for this pink and purple set.

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The 12,300-yen (US$98) swimsuit can be preordered here directly from Feast, although for some reason shoppers can only select the white/pink or pink/purple color options as of this writing. Shipping is scheduled for July 10.

Source: IT Media
Images: Feast (edited by RocketNews24)