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Judging by the sheer volume of these kinds of posts we do, one does get the impression that, while bored westerners are inclined to seek out cute cat videos on the Internet, Japanese Netizens with nothing better to do apparently like to scour the web for pictures of very attractive women working in jobs where being cute isn’t a prerequisite. While you’d think this would be a relatively niche interest when there’s perfectly good adult material available around the corner, “Beautiful Woman Doing Things” posts are everywhere on the Japanese net.

So, without further ado, here’s the latest Beautiful Woman Doing Things from Japan: Hachioji City councilwoman Azusa Sato.

Sato was born in 1984, apparently in a remote area of Gifu Prefecture, a landlocked prefecture just north of Nagoya known for its natural beauty and old-timey villages. She says she spent most of her childhood and teen years there – where her upbringing in the boonies gave her a sort of down-to-earth, aaw-shucks charm in her political endeavors – before moving to Tokyo in 2004 to attend Sophia University and study German. The well-traveled Sato also lived in Australia for a time on an exchange program, before getting a job in 2009 as a journalist at Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, although she quickly quit to return to her studies and eventually become the councilwoman she is today.

In keeping with Japanese politicians’ almost relentlessly bubbly personas, Sato has listed a bunch of cutesy stuff on her official website bio, like her hobbies and favorite phrases. It appears she likes taking walks, going to cafes, reading, and watching sports. Her favorite phrases are “Hope is born of conviction” and something (the Japanese is rather vague) along the lines of “Democracy is about people having the courage to speak their minds”.

Sato’s various political platforms include:

1) Improving education for young children

2) Various neighborhood vitalization programs

3) Public safety and wellness

Granted, without the issues of gun rights, crime, military spending, abject poverty and whatnot to worry about, most local-level Japanese politicians run on more or less the same flowery, vaguely defined platforms, but Sato definitely seems smart and proactive… in addition to being heart-meltingly cute.

Anyway, we know you came for the pictures Japanese net users have been swooning over, so here you go:

Source: Rabbit Sokuhou
Photos: Official Twitter